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Exciting, new contemporary fiction launching soon..
‘The Adventures of the Bubblegum Boy’ is now adapted to a theatre production by renowned theatre group Yatri

Recent Books

Once Upon A Human Time

Once Upon A Human times
“Once Upon a Human Time” is a collection of fictional stories authored by Neeraa Maini Srivastav with Dr. Huz (CEO of Wockhardt Foundation)- based on the 7 human values of gratitude, forgiveness, love, humility, giving, patience, & truth. It is an initiative to use storytelling as medium to spread the goodness of human values. The book has received rave reviews from the likes of Nobel Peace Laureate-Kailash Satyarthi (Nobel Laureate, 2014), Nadir Godrej (Chairperson, Godrej Agrovet) , Dr. Priti Adani (Chairperson, Adani Foundation), Satish Kaushik , Kaveta Chaudhry and Mr. Goenka (RPG Enterprises) among others. As Mr. Nadir Godrej has rightly said “Each value depicted in a tale, will both enlighten and regale”.

Wellness Book for Young Minds

Young MindsIn a world with increasing stress, lifestyle imbalance, new age challenges and health hazards, ‘wellness’ is the new God everyone’s seeking. While adults have infinite choices and options to course-correct paths, the young adults, though have increasing incidences of mental and physical health challenges, have little or almost no aids to holistic health and wellness. With increasing juvenile obesity and depression hitting the teens, there is a dire need to address the same. The book is based on addressing just that in a contemporary, light-hearted fashion. 

Split into 3 sections: Mind, Body and Spirit, the book offers truths in each category that seed the idea of wellness in a fun and engaging way. What better than a ready reckoner for young adults to get by their highly stressful daily lives in a more meaningful, healthier and stimulating manner. A companion of sorts, the book aims at delivering well-being to the troubled young souls. 

Young Minds – Available on Flipkart and Amazon.

1 Friend Request sent from Hanuman

1 Friend Request sent from HanumanThe book is a unique piece of  contemporary fiction inspired from the worldwide web. In a highly digitized world where social media has almost replaced human interactions on the physical plane, what if something magical happens that defies logic, convention and reason? This is where the story begins. The book will make your soul travel through various emotions like love, faith & dreams. Also, it’s an inspiration for all the readers to embark, question and stay on their own journey of faith.

The Adventures of the Bubblegum Boy

bubblegum boyThe story of a young boy who discovers magic in the unlikeliest alleys of a shopping mall and his journey thereafter into enchanting worlds and magical lands…till he comes back to the real world, but not without a mission to gain the superpowers of the fantasy world, forever.

The White Crow

the white crowIn a perfectly functioning universe of the crows- Cawland, an event of huge magnitude shakes the land out of its complacency.
Nature in Cawland reverses its face. A white crow, Snowy is born to a couple- the Corvos- both black. From then on begins the collective discrimination of the Corvos and their subsequent exile from Cawland, under the dictat of Cawking- the reigning ruler of Cawland.

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