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The White Crow

the white crowIn a perfectly functioning universe of the crows- Cawland, an event of huge magnitude shakes the land out of its complacency.
Nature in Cawland reverses its face. A white crow, Snowy is born to a couple- the Corvos- both black. From then on begins the collective discrimination of the Corvos and their subsequent exile from Cawland, under the dictat of Cawking- the reigning ruler of Cawland.
The Corvos leave with their bundle of joy (still a joy to them, if not to Cawland) and settle down in Cawntryside. Snowy grows under the loving shade of his parents and his close buddy Jay (a black crow). Tantrums, joys and sometimes sadness make up Snowy’s childhood till the Great Spirit of the Land, Solah reveals the great secret : Snowy is endowed with invincible powers that will change his destiny forever.
Solah’s words ring true when Snowy chances upon his powers accidentally one day. One thing leads to another and Snowy turns saviour for Cawland and prevents catastrophe from striking Cawland . The enemy is finally vanquished. Is Snowy embraced by Cawking and Cawland thereafter? And what about his lady love- Princess Maggie? Does she find a husband in Snowy?
Do black and white co-exist happily ever after? What about the inclusion of brown towards the end? Does the Universe of Cawland finally celebrate colours?
Find out this and more in this most compelling parable replete with interesting characters and a captivating storyline that makes a telling comment on the human civilization as it exists today… in every corner of the world, in every corner of our hearts.